The question is fair: "Why have a Business Plan?" It's just a real estate deal, right?

We only have so many chances to "get it right" when it comes to
turning our Life around. Times are tough for some just now. For many
jobs and even careers are on the line. For others, savings have taken
a hit and it'll take some folks years to recover.

We don't just have to knuckle down and wait it out. We can look
around and see what it takes to turn that Sow's Ear into a Silk Purse.
You and I both know– There's no Quick Fix. But, with a Plan of Action
in hand there are huge opportunities available to us right now.

My students are taking  advantage of these opportunities today. Now,
before these opportunities go away and it's once again Business as Usual.
The way I  see it, we've got about a year. What can we do in a year to turn
things around for ourselves and our families?

Q. "Why do I need a business plan?"
Ans. A business plan obliges us to take a long look at our own resources
and capabilities and define what makes sense as a business opportunity.

Q. "Who needs a business plan?"
Ans. The 'restless spirit' who is uncertain of what his/her employer has in
store, who wonders if they're next when it comes to down sizing or layoffs.
The personal business plan is the Ultimate 'Plan B'.

Q. "Is this a time to spend money when I'm worried about my next pay check?"
Ans. Consider the alternative. Once disaster strikes, is there money available
to get help in developing a new plan? Make your plan for the future while
you still "have room to move".

Q. "Who's going to read my business plan? Who cares?"
Ans. If you go the to SBA for a loan to start a business, they'll be happy to
talk with you– Once you've finished your business plan. Lenders and Investors
will find your plans more credible– with your business plan in hand. But, most
of all, the plan is for you. To clarify and document the direction and quality of
your plan.

Q. "Can't I just read a book? Isn't there some internet software...?"
Ans. Sure, if you finish it. And do the work, on your own. Does the "fill-in-the-
blanks" software really help you think through the venture you are considering?
A real life workshop engages you in the questions that must be answered by
you alone, and helps you come up with the answers you need.

Q. "My job's OK. Why should I be thinking of new ventures?"
Ans. Savvy investors understand that fortunes are made in times of economic
upheaval (wars, natural disasters, recessions or depression). We are in  such a
disruptive time. The question is: How do we bend these difficult circumstances to
our own ends, as investors (or, perhaps speculators)? Find your opportunity and
put your plan of action in play.

There's more to be said, but the point is clear: We are in a time of great opportunity.
We can move to take advantage now, or sit on the sidelines as spectators, or maybe
even victims. Whichever is the possibility, it is time to take action.