Investing In Affordable Housing - "The Entrepreneurial Investor"

Whether you’re a an Investor or Rehabber, there are important benefits to building an investment portfolio. Even more when you focus on the Fast Track Opportunities that distinguish The Entrepreneurial Investor.

What is Affordable Housing?

Savvy investors choose 'affordable housing' because the key indicator of affordability is the price at which the majority of those within the community can in fact afford to pay the cost of housing while meeting all other household expenses.

Affordable housing – whether for sale or rental – will be within the financial means of the broadest possible potential market.

Real estate Investors and Dealers who hope to succeed will always take care to work within the means of their market. Their 'product' will, by definition, be affordable housing.

The Challenge and the Real Estate Entrepreneur's Opportunity is to work effectively within the Affordable Housing market.

That is where the real 'action' is...

This 'how-to' workshop details both the opportunity and the strategies!

Picking the best deals. –Yes, there is a formula!
Analyzing the cash flow (Hint – it’s not what you think!)
Making money while you are "losing money"
Importance of tax benefits to you
Management issues – do it yourself or hire a pro?
What it takes to attract the right tenants. And keep them!
And much more...

Case study method, text and audio recording provided. Repeat privileges may apply.

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