The Perfect Real Estate Rehab – Tips for Investors

You Can Do The “Perfect Real Estate Rehab”!   In this post we will examine what has to happen to achieve The Perfect Real Estate Rehab. If “street wisdom” and cable television are to be believed real estate investors find real estate rehab, or "fix and flip", especially with distressed […] Read more »

Real Estate Investing Success – 10 Secrets

Secrets to real estate investing success I can't really say how often I have been asked (Q) “How do you do it?" What’s the best–I guess what's meant is the fastest–way to get rich in real estate? That’s what I like–a simple question! The short answer (Ans.) is that real […] Read more »

The savvy Investor has 5 Ways To WIN at Real Estate

New investor? 5 Traps to avoid It’s easy to fail as a first-time real estate investor. Trust me, I’ve been there. But with a little Insider Foresight this does not have to happen to you. Here are the five biggest traps faced by new real estate investors, and proven strategies […] Read more »

Avoid IRS Troubles Over Use of Subcontractors

  Gambling with IRS Employer Rules Investors who specialize in finding and "fixing" distressed real estate enjoy extraordinary benefits when fast-tracking building their investment portfolios. Almost without exception this involves hiring others to make improvements needed to restore value to the property. The more hands-on you are, the more the […] Read more »

Real Estate Investing – How To Get Started

Newcomers to real estate investing have important questions, and rightly so. How to get started in real estate investing? What’s the ‘lay of the land’? Who are the Role Models for Success? How is real estate different from other businesses? And, most important, where and how do you get started? […] Read more »