10 ‘Commandments’ for Investors Wanting To Grow Rich

10 Commandments or Rules for Successful Real Estate Investing. These are “commandments” or investing rules that, if you commit yourself to them, will yield rich results in your investing program. These Ten Key Concepts and Practices are a road map, or Blueprint for successful real estate investing and Wealth Building. […] Read more »

Your Best Real Estate Investing Niche

Which Real Estate Investing Opportunity Is Right for You? 4 'niche' real estate investing opportunities So where is the best real estate Investing Opportunity in today's lively mix of foreclosing lenders, stressed home owners and highly competitive real estate speculators? Where do you and I fit in? There are at […] Read more »

The Great Real Estate Recession – How We Got There

The great real estate recession of 2008-16: A brief history. There were really 5 groups of participants or "players" to recognize in the  real estate recession and foreclosures market if we are to understand where you as an investor might profitably fit in. (One is gone now.) We will consider […] Read more »