Understanding Wholesaling Real Estate As A Business Opportunity (video)

Understanding Real Estate Wholesaling Successful real estate wholesaling takes initiative, planning and great execution. In this case study presentation wholesaler Karen Swinger gives us an Insider's View of her wholesaling business. Click image above for VIDEO To Listen Now, Click here Download the Audio This presentation was made at the […] Read more »

How Real Estate Investors Can Profit 4 Times Over...

How Savvy Investors Profit 4 Times When Dealing in Foreclosures Among the advantages you will enjoy in the real estate foreclosure market is your opportunity to profit four times. First of all, you get the initial bump in value when your "distressed" property is purchased at a discounted price. Real […] Read more »

The savvy Investor has 5 Ways To WIN at Real Estate

New investor? 5 Traps to avoid It’s easy to fail as a first-time real estate investor. Trust me, I’ve been there. But with a little Insider Foresight this does not have to happen to you. Here are the five biggest traps faced by new real estate investors, and proven strategies […] Read more »

Your Best Real Estate Investing Niche

Which Real Estate Investing Opportunity Is Right for You? 4 'niche' real estate investing opportunities So where is the best real estate Investing Opportunity in today's lively mix of foreclosing lenders, stressed home owners and highly competitive real estate speculators? Where do you and I fit in? There are at […] Read more »

The Great Real Estate Recession – How We Got There

The great real estate recession of 2008-16: A brief history. There were really 5 groups of participants or "players" to recognize in the  real estate recession and foreclosures market if we are to understand where you as an investor might profitably fit in. (One is gone now.) We will consider […] Read more »

Real Estate Investing – How To Get Started

Newcomers to real estate investing have important questions, and rightly so. How to get started in real estate investing? What’s the ‘lay of the land’? Who are the Role Models for Success? How is real estate different from other businesses? And, most important, where and how do you get started? […] Read more »