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A note to you from Philip Elmes, Author and Presenter

Investor/Rehabber Seminar™

Bad news? Crisis? Prices rising too fast for investors? Maybe in some parts of the country, but not here in the upper mid west and particularly not here in the Chicago area. We still have time!

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Serious investors are excited. They're 'on the street' buying what they can, while they can. Big Money investor groups are buying entire portfolios of "distressed" properties. And why not? when wholesale foreclosures are selling at huge discounts?

This is an opportunity not seen in decades. And likely not to be seen again, at least in our lifetimes.



If you have a serious goal of creating wealth in real estate, then spend a few of minutes reading this letter. It's about a level of real estate training and coaching that goes far beyond any of the popular education programs available today. Our students get results early on and stay in the business.

Unlike most types of real estate investment, the methods we practice and teach require more smarts than capital. These methods took many years to master but just as I have helped many others 'fast-track' their way to financial success in real estate, I will help you.

Seminar-Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

My wife and I are both graduate engineers. That doesn’t mean we knew anything about real estate and rehab. A little over two years ago, we took the Investor/Rehabber Boot Camp Seminar. The seminar prepared us to handle the rehab the correct way. We saved money on potential mistakes and we were able to keep our “holding time” to a minimum.

We learned about everything from budgeting, to construction techniques, dealing with lenders, and more. The knowledge we gained from Phil and the seminar he teaches enabled us to fast track our business and do more deals per year. In our first deal, immediately following the seminar, we bought a property for $52K, put in $36K, and within 4 months of our purchase, sold for a $22K profit.

We learned real estate rehabbing and wholesaling from Phil and his Urban Rehabber Program. And, we are pleased to report, our net worth has increased significantly due to these activities.

Karen & Hari Kusumakar
Dolton, IL
The rewards are great for those who take the time to apply the valuable education only we provide. Nationally, the median income for real estate agents was only $39,140 in 2012 (according to National Bureau of Labor Statistics), further proof that working for someone else, even in the real estate field, is not the road to wealth.

The Investor Program we developed  has created millionaires. Two of our students, Eric and Dwayne, acquired some 24 properties in their first 22 months as partners. Today they have a portfolio in excess of 35 single family, two and three-flat properties. Here's what Dwayne had to say about the education he received from us:

I tell people all the time that the Investor/ Rehabber seminar is the greatest thing since sliced bread. What Phil teaches about dealing with contractors is a real eye opener, the same thing with appraisers, the courts and code violations. Most importantly, we could always call Phil with our questions. We now try to help others in the same way.

My advice to those thinking about getting into the business is to prepare, read, attend the Investor/Rehabber seminar and stay close to the Round Table meetings. Quit talking about it and just do it!

Dwayne Pierre-Antoine, Chicago, Il.

Many more Investor/Rehabber Seminar graduates are well on their way, with $1,000,000+ real estate portfolios. The fact is that savvy investors are paying close attention to the exploding need for affordable housing here in Chicago and across the country. We're excited because our program is uniquely prepared and qualified to seize on this opportunity.

Seminar-Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I just want you to know how grateful I am for all I have learned from the classes I have taken through the Urban Rehabber Program. As a 12 year mortgage loan officer in the business of financing investment property, I can honestly say the Urban Rehabber Program has the BEST practical method for learning, understanding, and succeeding as a Real Estate Investor.

Your reputation is reflected in the more than forty successful students and participants who have come to me for mortgage financing of their projects. These participants were successful in their real estate transactions because of your well designed courses and exciting roundtable discussions. They are the fruits of your 40-plus years of labor.

Your Investor/Rehabber Seminar teaches how to effectively manage (budget) our projects and contractors, the need and importance of a carefully prepared business plan; how to prepare our properties for sale or rental; and have alerted us to investor pitfalls before they happen..

On my own account, after taking the Seminar I was able to successfully complete a project, from purchase, to rehab, to refinance, and to rental in 3 1/2 weeks.

Keith E. Gordon, CRMS

Senior Mortgage Consultant

Real Estate Investor

If you've read this far, then I'm sure you agree that real estate investing is a realistic method of creating wealth. One of the many obstacles that gets in the way of many potential investors is figuring out who to look to for solid information. If you want to get your piece of the booming distressed property market, it's very important where you take your cues from.  When it comes to getting your advice from brokers––real estate or mortgages––consider the source…

I’d been buying apartment buildings and ran out of cash. Now I am going to use the strategy of buying and rehabbing single family homes so I can get lots more cash, to buy more buildings and really increase my cash flow. I have a full plan on getting out of the rat-race.

Out of all the real estate groups in Chicago, I keep coming back to this one (2 years now). Phil actually has people doing real estate, not just talking about it. All the attendees who are doing well have been through the seminar – that is why I did it for myself. Now that I have, all my questions are answered.

Al Katz

Corporate Headhunter

Skokie, IL

In addition to the testimonials you've read, here's a little info about my background:

About Phil Elmes and NDP Inc.

Neighborhood Development Partners Inc., (NDP) was incorporated in mid-2000 as a real estate business specializing in the acquisition, improvement and resale of distressed single family and two-flat homes. Phil Elmes is the founder and President of NDP, and a licensed real estate broker since 1973. Phil has been actively engaged as both a broker and developer of residential and commercial real estate. A graduate of Chicago's Roosevelt University (BA MA), Phil has written and lectured widely on matters relating to real estate development and marketing.

Phil Elmes is the primary author and presenter of the Investor Rehabber Seminar© and related NDP workshop programs.

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We've all heard that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result. Well here is an opportunity for you to do something different to accomplish your goal of achieving financial independence as a real estate investor.

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I hope I've given you some food for thought. Maybe even a Vision of what the Future can hold for you and your family.

My personal guarantee– Understand that all of our programs come fully guaranteed– Should you be dissatisfied for any reason, you may withdraw from the event and receive a full refund of your tuition investment. Secondly, your registration comes with the further invitation to take the event a second time within the year following. (Some call it a two-for-one deal!)

Thank you for your time. I wish you the best of success and hope we have caught your interest.


p.s. If you're thinking that you can get the same quality of information from a book or on the internet, consider what this URP student had to say:

Who can you call if you get your information from a book or the internet? I've spent six years under the mentorship of Phil and he has introduced me to a lot of different avenues. There's so much to know! I didn't even have a business plan! Going into a deal, you have to know what your exit strategy is.

Cheryl Prater

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