Real estate investing can be challenging to newcomers to the business. Lots of ‘burning questions’– What does investing look like? How technical is it; is there a special Insider’s Language? Where do you find the Best Deals? Is ‘rehab.’ always part of the deal? What do we mean by “fast track” investing? So many questions…

Getting started…

Rehab Chicago Style–The 21-Day Rehab.

Video documentary, in ‘real time’ of an Urban Rehabber rehab. done on Chicago’s south side in the dead of winter. An Insider’s Look at how it’s really done… (click here)

• Learning the Lingo

A Glossary of Real Estate Terms to serve as a guide and reference point as you learn the business. A good place to start your ‘self-education’. (click here)

• Local Resources

Chicago area professionals, contractors, tradesmen and vendors we use every day to get the job done… It’s never a good idea to rely on classifieds or the Yellow Pages when it comes to building your team. (click here)