Entrepreneurship & Real Estate: The No-Money Down Deal

Entrepreneurial investing will speed your investment growth

Entrepreneurial investing will speed your real estate investment portfolio growth. There’s only one thing better than making money in real estate. And that is making money fast– To build wealth on the “Fast Track”.

This wealth building strategy is not for every investor. To be successful at fast-track investing, it takes just a bit of Entrepreneurship.

Today–for those in a hurry–popular strategies for making money fast include “flipping” real estate, or buying under-valued properties. With little or no improvements made, they plan to resell as soon as possible. In most cases, we call that real estate dealing. So does the IRS. Dealing can be fun and highly profitable.

But the inescapable fact, the bottom line, is it takes cash on hand and lots of available credit. What's needed is to find lenders who don’t mind short-term loans on real estate. Taking this path we soon learn there are few conventional lenders interested in this kind of deal.

Two Major Investor Challenges–

There are two major challenges. The first is to take action at all. Properly understood and properly prepared, this will be the Entrepreneur’s Way. An investor’s willingness to engage in “moderate risk” to accomplish his or her desired outcome is key to understanding entrepreneurship.

The second challenge is to in fact fund the deal with one’s own capital, (cash, real money). Given lots of cash resources this may not be a problem. It’s full steam ahead! But cash is not necessarily prerequisite, or required, to get the deal done.

How I did my first no-money-down real estate deal

In this two-part video series I recount how I did my first deal with what today we would call “no money down”. How I funded my first major deal and–in the second part–the role entrepreneurship can play in getting your program underway. Now, not later…

Philip Elmes speaks on entrepreneurship

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