Entrepreneurship & Real Estate: The No-Money Down Deal - Part 2

Real Estate Investing and Entrepreneurship

In real estate investing Entrepreneurship is key to the Fast Track.

In this second segment I reveal the market niche and method I have found to reap the fastest and greatest rewards. That is for me and for those among my students who took up this strategy in their own programs. And, yes, this business model is grounded in the attitudes and practices of entrepreneurship.

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What's in a name?

Time was everyone wanted to be a rehabber or, maybe, an "investor". To the unsophisticated, this catch-all phrase meant  just about anything concerned with buying and selling real estate for quick profit.

Today everyone, it seems, wants to be a "flipper". In many ways, this in-and-out dealing protocol is seldom as easy as it looks...

Finding the right Business Investor Model

Attractive as flipping real estate may appear, what is generally overlooked is the skill and preparation needed to do it successfully. Real risks are overlooked or finessed in describing both the strategies and risks involved (if risks are explained at all).

Real estate dealing (flipping) is often "cash intensive". We know how difficult it can be to find lenders that will support the "quick-sale" protocol at the center of the dealer's business model.

Raising the Equity Dollars (the cash!)

If lenders are to be found at all–generally among the "hard money" lending community–they too will expect and require "skin in the game" as its called. That's real money, from cash on hand. Some might call this being "financially challenged". Especially when the newcomer to the field lacks these resources.

This writer faced such challenges when starting out. Forming investor partnerships addressed this problem. So I shared that experience (in Part 1). And mentioned some of what it took to make it happen for me in the early years of may career.

This partnership approach is as viable today as it was then. But it too takes preparation and–importantly–entrepreneurship!

Back to the real estate investing Fast Track

In this short, 7-minute video I–

  • Identify the niche market that will speed you on your way
  • Explain why the typical investor generally avoids this niche
  • Describe the risk elements involved and how entrepreneurs handle them
  • Explain why this strategy is a "natural" for the entrepreneurial investor
  • Discuss how the Urban Rehabber Program supports those who choose this path for their own wealth building
  • And, of course, more...

Enjoy the Video!


(VIDEO DIRECT LINK: https://youtu.be/F4pSWEP3fPU)


Philip Elmes

The Urban Rehabber Program


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