Nu-Vu of The Urban Rehabber Real Estate Investors Program

Sometimes words are not enough...

Web pages and writing only go so far. Not when you can say so much more with photos and video...

To paraphrase Hillary Clinton (who, in her turn was quoting from an African proverb) "It takes people to make a program". That's certainly the case with the Urban Rehabber Program. Since our first meetings back in early 2000, some 14 or 15 thousand real estate investors, professionals and "newbies" have attended Urban Rehabber monthly round table programs.

We quit counting seven or eight years ago when we passed seven thousand-and-counting registered participants. Some then and today attend one or two meetings not to be seen again. Others have been with us for years; a handful from the very first days.

In the end of course it is people, those who become involved with a group and its programs that make it all work. But how best to reflect that? With that thought in mind I have assembled photographs and video clips drawn mostly from our round tables, but also from the many workshops we teach. For lack of a better term, we will call it our "Investor-Rehabber Gallery".

Images of a sampling of the many projects our members have undertaken suggest both the nature and opportunities that characterize The Work. These project images merely hint at the impact our program members have had across the Chicago area. Anecdotal samplings suggest well over 2000 homes have been "restored to function" by our program members; and the work continues.

We will add to the collection in the months ahead, particularly more video clips. If you have a project you are proud of, send some photos along, together with a short description, for consideration. We'd love to hear about your work.

Who We Are and What We Do–Gallery

You will find we are a diverse group, from every walk of life. From every "Demographic". There are experienced investors, failed investors working on "getting it right this time", and newcomers bright with enthusiasm. Old Hands and Young Hands one might say. It all contributes to a wondrously dynamic mix of talents and personalities.

Enjoy our new Gallery. While the link is included here, you will always find it included on the Menu Bar of this website.

- Philip Elmes