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Most Urban Rehabber Program presentations are recorded for further study and reference. An important benefit of program membership.

From just a few minutes of highlights to often an hour or more, these recordings are a Treasure Trove of useful and important information by experts working today.

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Round Table presentations by experts in Real Estate Investing, Rehab. and More.
Seminar and Workshop Highlights (video)
TeleConferences (audio)

Video – Philip Elmes on "Why Invest In Affordable Housing?"

In this 7 1/2-minute Urban Rehabber round table presentation, Phil Elmes explains how banks and analysts  define "affordable housing". He explains just how real estate Investors come out ahead when they choose to build investment portfolios.

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Audio– Philip Elmes on The Urban Rehabber "System" for Success as a Real Estate investor.

In this 9-minute audio recording program founder Philip Elmes explains the 'fast track' Real Estate Investing System at the core of Urban Rehabber trainings and coaching. He explains how entrepreneurship applied to buying and fixing real estate gives the savvy entrepreneur an absolute advantage over conventional real estate investing.

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