Letter to Jake (How we learn)

I received an interesting e-mail a couple of days ago from a fellow who was out of town this last Saturday and couldn’t make the Round Table.

Jake (not his real name) wants to get "up to speed" as quickly as possible and asked whether he should do the Seminar or workshops first (or were they really the same thing?).

How do I explain?

How do I explain a "system" in a 100 words or less? When I was in college we took the "History of Western Civilization" and it was a survey. The whole of world history in two easy semesters(!).

That didn’t make us historians. What followed was semesters and years of progressively narrower subjects– American History, then Colonial American History, then Puritanism in Colonial America, etc., etc. Graduate school was more of the same.

How do we ‘learn’?

Most of us learn best in "layers". Get the "overview", then study and learn the finer points. My challenge, my job, is to help others master a complex subject in the shortest possible time. And to provide an environment that helps you and others achieve your dreams of financial independence.

Here’s how I explained to Jake what we do. I don’t think you can get this out of a book. And it’s costly to go it alone, or not at all.

Saving Time & Money

I know this is true. The only reason I can teach this stuff is because I made all the mistakes in the book. My experience will save you both Time and Money.

The best way to explain the seminar vs. the workshops is to understand just how they came about. The seminar was developed over ten years ago at the request of early members of the Urban Rehabber Round Table. In a highly condensed (some say "intense") two days, or so, it is pretty much all I know about the business after over 35 years of 'doing the work'. And it basically lays out the System that underlies the success of our program.

The workshops came a few years later as a sort of "continuing education". In the workshops we take an important piece of the seminar and go into much greater detail, with more case studies and hands-on exercises. It takes about 8 months to complete the entire series.

It is important to appreciate that no single teaching or book will "teach you the business". But the classes, reinforced by the monthly round tables, constitute a powerful support system for newcomers. You're never "out there", entirely on your own. And while I might know a lot about real estate and rehab., the Power is in the Group, your personal network.

I hope that's helpful, Jake. As to the Investor/Rehabber Seminar, it would seem a timely opportunity for you to get your program off to a good start.  With a solid overview and a substantial textbook for reference. Many have gotten their businesses underway on the strength of the seminar alone.

As in all things, I wish you–


Phil Elmes

p.s. For more on the Investor/Rehabber Seminar™ see Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs),