The Secret to Getting Your Real Estate Program Underway

Everybody knows real estate investing is a great way to build wealth (unless you have the “widget” the world’s waiting for... or you’re a fabulous entertainer or athlete). For the rest of us, it takes specialized knowledge and experience to make it happen. But this can be learned.

For some the ‘learning’ takes a long time. We’ve had many folks join us who had tried and failed repeatedly before joining the Urban Rehabber Program and learning how to succeed at real estate investing using our Fast Track methods.

Does it work? You bet it does. Just talk with Dwayne, Lee, Walt and hundreds of others. In an incredibly short time these real estate entrepreneurs were ‘out there’, doing the deals and doing well. And they continue to do so today. (In fact they’re excited about the extraordinary buying opportunities out there today.)

One thing these successful real estate investors have in common is they took seriously the need for a carefully worked out Business Plan. That plan helped them to think through the entire process, gage their readiness, and develop a Plan of Attack that would work well for them.

As you might guess, no two plans are the same. Each is tailored to the unique strengths and limitations of the individual entrepreneur. Thoughtfully done, their business plan is their Roadmap to Success.

The Urban Rehabber workshop Create Your Business Plan is offered twice each year. A full day program; member discounts apply. See Calendar (right) for dates and times.