Urban Rehabber Investor Training Workshops

Creating Your Business Plan (full day workshop)

Put your new business venture on paper!

How to create your Personal Financial Statement, Cash Flows, Projections and Narrative. Your business plan will help you understand where you are going and how you will get there.

In my experience, those who prepare a written Business Plan actually get 'into the Business'. In preparing their plan, they have walked through the research and strategies they will use in getting their business underway. And their Prospects for Success are greatly improved.

Each Business Plan is unique to the author's own experience, resources and goals. While the focus is on Real Estate, no two business plans are alike... - Philip Elmes

A powerful tool for raising or borrowing $$$ for your venture!

Budgeting Your Project (full day workshop)

Assess the viability of your project – Will you make money?
Define and Project with accuracy Soft and Hard Costs
How much to pay for contractors?
How to control the financial side of your project

Investing In Affordable Housing (full day)

Whether you're a rehabber or an investor, there are important Benefits to building an investment portfolio. This workshop details the opportunities!

Picking the best deals
Analyzing the cash flow (Hint - it's not what you think!)
Making money while you are "losing money"
Importance of tax benefits
Management issues - do it yourself or hire a pro?

Marketing Your Project (1/2 day)

When do you begin marketing your project?
Marketing ISN'T like selling your house! Here's why
To rent or sell? Marketing and tax issues
Pricing for maximum $$$ net profit
Case studies, discussion and MORE!

Real Estate Dealing: Principles & Practices (1/2 day)

Get started IMMEDIATELY! No license required.
Easy and fast tools on how to "flip" legally and profitably!
Who's your market? How to sell your deal fast.
Know how much to pay– How the pro's. figure the value
Receive the tools to legally document and structure YOUR deals

Construction Practices & Techniques (full day)

Material selection: ceiling, floor & walls
Special problems with kitchen & baths
Permit & Building Code issues, Contractor Licensing, and more
Project Management: 'The 21-Day Rehab'
Selecting windows, doors & millwork
When you replace plumbing & heating - how it's done
Evaluating roof & building exterior
Controlling payouts to contractors
Documents you must understand and work with

Seats are limited and prepaid registration is requested.


The Lutheran School of Theology, 1100 East 55th Street, Chicago IL 60615. Street parking is readily available. (click here for a map). For more information contact NDP at 800-506-5686 ext. 701 or by email at info@urbanrehabber.com