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Let's be honest: Real estate investing can be a lonely business.

First, you must "learn the business". A challenge not to be taken lightly. A skilled investor understands more than just the basics of real estate practices.

As a real Pro, you will know how to not only spot a 'Good Deal', but what to do with it.

There are no "schools for real estate investors".

Books are written, but how do you go into a business based solely on Book Learning? What we all need is a Network of like-minded practitioners focused as you are on the same marketplace, the same opportunities, who share the same issues.

Build Your Network at the Urban Rehabber Round Table.

Photo image of monthly Urban Rehabber real estate investors meeting

                         Monthly Investors Meeting

Urban Rehabber Program meets monthly, in Chicago, to learn and share more about real estate investing.

When it comes to building your personal network you won't be helped by the  Weekend Warrior who plans to invest one day, "when the right deal comes along..."

We don't need a social club that gets together to "talk real estate". You are helped most by fellow travelers who share your challenges and aspire to similar Goals.

What each of us really does need is an "affinity group", a MasterMind Club or, even better, the Urban Rehabber Program.

Urban Rehabber Member Benefits

Monthly Round Table Meetings, with fellow members who are truly 'doing the work' and who are willing and able to help as newcomers get their programs underway.
Expert presenterss each month from every field of real estate and rehab, sharing their experience and advice.
Audio (mp3) & Video Recordings of Round Table presenters and copies of relevant handout materials (by internet). Build an archive of expertise.
One-On-One Personal Coaching–Each month, on the last Thursday evening of the month, you will join in an exclusive call-in TeleConference for members only. Here you and other members will raise issues you  may be having with your investing pr0gram, project management, lenders and financing, and much more. You will set the Agenda.
Weekly eNewsletters, featuring program highlights and Insider Tips, by e-mail.
Members-only Discounts worth hundreds of dollars on Workshops, the Investor / Rehabber Seminar© and Urban Rehabber Educational Products.

Your Special BONUS for Trying Membership Now–

740-page real estate investors documents file

          740-Page Investors Tool Kit

The Investor / Rehabber Tool Kit™ Over 700 pages of resource materials, forms, government bulletins, and more. A virtual File Cabinet of documents you will use every day in your real estate investing. All by digital download, at your desk, on your computer, ready to print out and use. Any time. (NOTE: The Tool Kit is an exclusive Member Benefit and not available for purchase.)

There's more– For merely $30, you will get:

  • 3 months of prepaid membership,
  • free admission to the monthly Saturday Round Tables (guests pay $10)
  • audio recordings of round table presenters,
  • monthly coaching opportunities,
  • discounts on workshops, seminars and educational materials,
  • special Members Only weekly e-newsletters.

And you get our amazing "Investor / Rehabber Tool Kit" - over 700 pages of worksheets, templates, real estate related business forms, permit applications, IRS guidelines, and more - all on your desktop!


740-page Investor's Tool Kit. FREE with program membership

The Tool Kit contains all the forms and information Phil has relied on in over 35 years in the business. (Or, you can come over to his place and he'll give you his 3-drawer file cabinet!)

After the 90-day introductory membership, member dues are $14.50 per month, charged to your credit card. Should you choose not to continue as a member, the Tool Kit is yours to keep and use in your investment program. And you're always welcome at our programs.

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Please note– Your Tool Kit will be forwarded to you as a digital download. In order for you to receive your Tool Kit™ as a CD-ROM, we will need your postal address. You may e-mail the information to: Sorry, there is a $4.50 charge for shipping and handling. [If you prefer, you may pick one up at the monthly Round Table.] This information may also be faxed to: (800) 506 5686.

Our promise to you–

Your investment back if not entirely satisfied. At any time during the first 30 days, no questions asked.