Urban Rehabber Coaching & Mentoring for Real Estate Investors

What do Real Estate Entrepreneurs and New Investors have in common?

In the beginning, we are usually alone.


You are stepping out from the Crowd.

(Good for you!)

Consider this, a Mentor or Coach–focused just on you–can see you through.

Standing with you as you take your ideas and your opportunities to a new level. Not a group. Coaching is best when it's one-on-one!

New!– Private Coaching for Real Estate Investors

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How Personal Coaching works–

Philip Elmes, real estate coach and mentor (image)

Philip Elmes, real estate Mentor and Coach

It's your program!

  • Define personal and business goals important to you
  • Identify factors in your life that are holding you back
  • Develop a Success Strategy built on your skills and capabilities
  • Your Coach is there for you as you put your plan into action
  • When needed, an expert resource on hand throughout your project

Business or Personal– Support & Guidance you need, when you need it

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So, let's talk... Soon ?

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