What do Real Estate Entrepreneurs and New Investors have in common?

In the beginning, we are usually alone.


You are stepping out from the Crowd.

(Good for you!)

Consider this, a Mentor or Coach–focused just on you–will see you through.

Standing with you as you take your ideas and your opportunities to a new level. Not a group. Coaching is best when it’s one-on-one!

New!Private Coaching for Real Estate Investors

How Personal Coaching works–

Photo of Philip Elmes, author of Urban Rehabber Program

Philip Elmes, real estate developer, author and teacher.

It’s your program!

  • Define personal and business goals important to you
  • Identify factors in your life that are holding you back
  • Develop a Success Strategy built on your skills and capabilities
  • Your Coach is there for you as you put your plan into action
  • When needed, an expert resource on hand throughout your project

Business or Personal– Support & Guidance you need, when you need it

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So, let’s talk… Soon ?

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