Why Marketing is VITAL to real estate investing success

Marketing is everything you do on a regular basis to promote your business Real estate investors–new and experienced alike–are generally mostly focused on "doing the work"–finding a great opportunity, acquiring and upgrading the property. The "end game", they figure, will be taken care of by some broker. This holds true […] Read more »

The Perfect Real Estate Rehab – Tips for Investors

You Can Do The “Perfect Real Estate Rehab”!   In this post we will examine what has to happen to achieve The Perfect Real Estate Rehab. If “street wisdom” and cable television are to be believed real estate investors find real estate rehab, or "fix and flip", especially with distressed […] Read more »

Finding Real Estate Investing Opportunities

Deciding where to invest In this article we review first steps to take in identifying real estate investing opportunities. Deciding where to invest involves understanding population trends, market demand and an almost intuitive feeling for where change is occurring. Q: What should I know about urban neighborhoods before investing in […] Read more »

Real Estate Investing Success – 10 Secrets

Secrets to real estate investing success I can't really say how often I have been asked (Q) “How do you do it?" What’s the best–I guess what's meant is the fastest–way to get rich in real estate? That’s what I like–a simple question! The short answer (Ans.) is that real […] Read more »

Budget Project Costs, and Why It Matters

Why develop a Project Budget? To accurately budget for project costs is critical to the success of any real estate development project. Whether involving new construction, rehab., or the many other development opportunities available to savvy real estate entrepreneurs, budgeting is essential. The project budget includes all costs to be […] Read more »

Affordable Housing – A ‘High Calling’?

Real estate investors like everyone else sometimes wonder if what they do adds up to making a difference. To themselves or to anyone else. Recognizing today's crisis in Affordable Housing may provide an answer. Finding your calling Many well-meaning people struggle–sometimes for years–trying to make what we do for a […] Read more »

Easy Real Estate Landscaping Ideas to Help Sell Your Property

When showing a home for sale, it always pays to show off. Regardless of the season,  you should never underestimate the impact of a fresh real estate landscaping treatment to frame your property to best advantage. How can you use real estate landscaping techniques for maximum visual impact? Read on […] Read more »

Understanding Wholesaling Real Estate As A Business Opportunity (video)

Understanding Real Estate Wholesaling Successful real estate wholesaling takes initiative, planning and great execution. In this case study presentation wholesaler Karen Swinger gives us an Insider's View of her wholesaling business. Click image above for VIDEO To Listen Now, Click here Download the Audio This presentation was made at the […] Read more »