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How Darnell Palmer was named CHA "Landlord of the Year" (audio)

Urban Rehabber Seminar graduate Darnell Palmer was the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) Landlord of the Year for 2013. Darnell received his recognition at CHA's annual Owner's Symposium held on Chicago's Navy Pier.

Chicago Housing Authority's Landlord of The Year Award

Award nominees are drawn from participants in CHA's Owner Excellence Program. According to Darnell, candidates are nominated by CHA staff, and further qualified by evaluations and recommendations drawn from the candidate's tenants.

This CHA program was established to encourage professionalism in property management and offers significant benefits to those who qualify for the program. Darnell was one of the first to apply when the program was announced and he has found the benefits to be exceptional.


We interviewed Darnell by 'phone for our monthly Members-only Tele Conference. The interview, which lasted about 35 minutes, covered a range of topics important for investors considering self-managing rental property.

Darnell has been actively investing since early 2000 and, after a few missteps, has generally found property management and tenant relations both rewarding and profitable. With his wife and brother, Darnell is now managing a growing portfolio of properties on behalf of both local and out-of-state clients (HHH Solutions,Inc.). Darnell is fully licensed as a real estate manager.

Topics we covered, in brief–

• About the CHA Owner Excellence Program and Award
• His own investing experience, including his "1st Major Mistake" (and how he fixed it).
• The 3 most important steps in qualifying his tenant applicants
• His personal secrets to retaining good tenants
• And more...

Listen to the Audio Interview:

Download the Interview (mp3): (click here)