Applying Faith, Hope & Charity to Real Estate

Call it Faith, Hope or Charity–– Wholesome, iconic words. Words most of us try to engage in our lives each day. Sometimes it can be hard. And some folks in real estate find these to be hard, troubling times.

Faith takes many forms. For some faith is expressed in worship, often in the quest for redemption of some sort. Implicit is the belief in positive outcomes.
Hope is a little different. Hope is a wish for positive outcomes. Sometimes in the face of otherwise troublesome present conditions. We’re told to “hope for the best”. But such advice carries with it little real admonition to take action, to work for that positive outcome.
And Charity is often expressed in the act of giving and perhabs the bestowing of unconditional love– For others, for the community as a whole, for “all the nations”.

It is likely a good thing to begin with ourselves. Have faith in your Self; believe in your own positive outcome. Remain hopeful (while taking positive action to achieve your goals). And be charitable, to yourself and to others, without expectation of reward. Those who give of themselves as well as of their wealth are rewarded, it is said, in measureless ways.

At this moment we appear to be in the midst of seismic change in the real estate business. Those who avoid panic in favor of sustained Faith, Hope and Charity, will be beneficiaries of this time of change. Keep the faith. Hope while taking action. Be charitable in all ways, toward others and to yourself.

And as sailors will tell you, “keep the wind at your back.”

– Phil Elmes