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Urban Rehabber training for real estate investors

Urban Rehabber training for real estate investors is a real estate education program sponsored by Chicago-based Neighborhood Development Partners (NDP). Program emphasis is on entrepreneurship, team building, and mastery of proven real estate-related business practices. We believe in personal wealth building through sustainable contributions to neighborhood and community-wide housing revitalization.

Neighborhood Development Partners (NDP) was established in mid-2000 as a closely held, family owned real estate business specializing in the acquisition, improvement and resale of distressed single family and two flat homes located primarily in Chicago’s south side inner city neighborhoods.

As opportunities arose, NDP acted as a wholesaler of rehab-ready residential properties; in its wholesaler capacity, NDP worked almost exclusively with rehabbers and investors participating in the Urban Rehabber Program™- and more particularly, with graduates of the Urban Rehabber Program’s Investor/Rehabber Seminar© underwritten in part by NDP.

Today NDP continues to sponsor the Urban Rehabber training for real estate investors and encourages investment in Chicago area residential real estate


Philip R. Elmes is founder and President of NDP, and a licensed real estate broker from 1973-2015. Phil has been actively engaged as both a broker and developer of residential and commercial real estate, primarily on Chicago’s south side. A graduate of Roosevelt University (BA, MA) Phil has written and lectured on matters relating to real estate development and marketing.

Phil Elmes is the primary author and presenter of Urban Rehabber training for real estate investors and related NDP workshop programs.

Elmes has written books and articles on real estate investing and rehabilitation. Titles include: “How I Made My First Big Payday” (2015); “Glossary of Real Estate Terms” (with Adriana Wright 2008); “On Construction and Rehab” (2018); “Mentors and Coaches Provide No-nonsense Preparation” (article 2016); “5 Success Secrets for Real Estate Investors (e-book 2015).

Elmes has written the text materials for several workshops which he has taught continuously for about 15 years. Titles include: The “Investor/Rehabber Seminar” (multiple revised editions beg. 2004); “Real Estate Dealing / The Art of The Flip”; “Marketing for Real Estate Investors”; “Construction Practices for Real Estate Investors”; “Budgeting for Real Estate Investors”; “Project Management for Real Estate Investors”;  “Investing in Affordable Housing“; and more.

It is estimated well over five thousand students have taken Phil Elmes’ proprietary training for real estate investors.