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Here Are 5 Real Estate Investing Strategies You Can Use Right Now–

Real estate investing "gurus" don't talk about them. Nor do the investing programs they promote. I can't say why that is, because– These 5 Strategies are GUARANTEED to grow your real estate business. The fact is: investors and real estate entrepreneurs like you are learning and using these very strategies to double, triple–sometimes quadruple!– their income and profits.  

Ebook and audio offer "5 Success Secrets for New Real Estate Investors" by Philip Elmes

                        These Five Strategies are proven to–  
  • Keep you focused and On Track to achieve your goals
  • Avoid Bad Advice and misdirection
  • Be prepared for the Unexpected
  • Have the right kind of Support when you need it
  • Avoid having Contractors in control of your project
  • Have Customers in hand when you're ready to sell or rent
  Each strategy is based on Best Practices in business and decades of real-world experience in the field.     Tell me where to send the 5 Strategies Guide and I will e-mail it to you right now! - Phil Elmes          
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  real-estate-course,investing,trainingPhilip Elmes has been a Chicago-based real estate Broker, Developer and Investor since 1973. In early 2000 he launched the Urban Rehabber Program™, a teaching, coaching and networking program that has drawn thousands of new and "seasoned" real estate investors to monthly round table meetings, workshops and boot-camp seminars. •   It is estimated that Urban Rehabber members and students have invested in well over 2000 residential properties throughout the Chicago metropolitan area. Many of these homes required substantial rehabilitation (or "rehab").  •   By fostering entrepreneurship combined with skills unique to savvy real estate investing, the Urban Rehabber Program changes lives while improving communities. #